April 18, 2004

Blogging BloggerCon

I'll try not to use the word "blog" too frequently, but we all know it's going to be every other word.

Here's the deal:

I went browsing for conference coverage this evening, but Technorati's Link Cosmos wasn't doing a good job collecting all of the posts because everyone is pointing to different URLs. The nifty BloggerCon Feedster link channels all posts from registered attendees, but doesn't limit itself to BloggerCon posts. What I have listed below are conference-related, categorized by author, and alphabetized by last name. There are even a couple of BC-related posts from non-attendees thrown in, just for kicks.

If you:
a) are not on this list and have coverage you would like included, or
b) are on this list and would like to be removed,
email me and I will do your bidding.

Jessica Baumgart
Synthesizing BloggerCon
Postscript to the Librarianesque Session
BloggerCon Notes
New York Times Coverage of BloggerCon
Librarianesque Session Notes
Librarianesque Session Notes Are on the Way
BloggerCon Problem #1: Laptop Doesn't Have Wireless
Librarianesque Session at BloggerCon Info
BloggerCon Dinner was Great!

Tom Biro
BloggerCon Session: "Presidential Blogging"
Mmmm... Money From Blogs...

Jeremy Blachman
Blogger Con
Oh Well, At Least I Tried
Usually the lack of posts all day means that I've had nothing to say...

Stowe Boyd
My Trip To BloggerCon II

Dan Bricklin
NY Times article on BloggerCon II
Pictures from BloggerCon II

Scott Brodeur
Photo op
The Blog Biz
BloggerCon II
Shirky's Power Law
Presidential Bloggers

Jeremy Brown
International blogging at Bloggercon II
Blog-free BloggerCon

Rick Bruner
BloggerCon Wrap-up
Live From BloggerCon

Dudley Carr
Blogger Con II - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
BloggerCon II -- The Return of Dave

Robert Cox
Three Cheers for Dave Winer and the gang at Berkman...
BloggerCon Session: What is Journalism: Jay Rosen ...

John Daley
Power law II
Power laws:
Blogging for Business:
Bloggercon - Visions for Users
Harvard or bust:

Ray Daly
BloggerCon2: Reflections
BloggerCon2: Blogging a a Business
BloggerCon2: Shirky's Power Law
BloggerCon2: Blogging in Business
BloggerCon2: Vision from Users
BloggerCon2: What is Journalism?

Hossein Derakhshan
Watch it while you are missing it
Notes from a distance - Presidential bloggers
Brainstorming at Bloggercon - International blogging
Bloggercon notes - Blogging as Business

Joey DeVilla
BloggerCon Notes 3: Blogging in Business, David Weinberger
BloggerCon Notes 2: Visions from Users, Lisa Williams
BloggerCon Notes 1: National Anthem Session, Dave Winer
Hello from BloggerCon 2!
Opening session @ BloggerCon
Lisa Williams at her "Visions from Users" discussion at BloggerCon
Philip Greenspun @ BloggerCon
John Perry Barlow @ BloggerCon

Betsy Devine
Betsy's last BloggerCon five: Lessons of BloggerCon
Betsy's top Bloggercon ten: International
Picturing Bloggercon II
Betsy's Bloggercon top ten: Presidential bloggers
Betsy's top Bloggercon ten: Journalism

Joshua Farber
After the Con
Oh, For Blog's Sake
And I Was There

Michael Feldman
BloggerCon Goes Global

Michael Femia
More Tales From BloggerCon
BloggerCon Kickoff

Seth Finkelstein
BloggerCon II obligatory post
Revenge Of The A-List(er/ers)
A-List Example

Debra Galant
Shuffle your mind
Bloggercon, from the Slithering Reptile perspective

Steve Garfield
John Perry Barlow's Desktop: The Barlowettes
Links from BloggerCon
BloggenCon Kickoff Dinner

Kathleen Gilroy
Bloggercon II

Andrew Grumet
Thanks, Dave, for BloggerCon II
BloggerCon photos from Amy Langfield's Treo 600.
Lisa's session
BloggerCon is kicking off.

Rex Hammock
Making Blogs Make Money Session
Blogging in Academia Session
Blogging in Business Session
Visions from Users Session

Mary Hodder
Bloggercon Notes
The Practice and/or The Tool: Journalism and Blogging

Jack Hodgson
BloggerCon Final Words
My BloggerCon II blogroll
BloggerCon -- Session: "Blogging as a Business" Notes
BloggerCon -- Session: "Personal TV networks" Notes
Bloggercon -- Lunch
BloggerCon -- Session: "Infrastructure" Notes
BloggerCon -- Session: "What is Journalism" Notes
BloggerCon II Wrap Up

Mark James
Missed it

Jeff Jarvis
The Citizens' Media Association: a proposal
Not to be an ass but...
The Blogs as Business wiki
What is journalism?
At Bloggercon

Susan Kaup
Photos from BloggerCon dinner party at Durgin Park
Photos from BloggerCon II

Steve Kirks
Acton Jackson
Lisa Williams caught me flat-footed...
Ideas from BloggerCon II:
Been through two sessions now at BloggerCon II...

Daniel Kreiss
now i am sure that Julie Flaherty was writing about BloggerCon II from a business perspective...
a couple of the really interesting folks i met at BloggerCon II
So, a couple of the folks who have been facilitating
Along the same lines of the themes I have been developing...
After coming out of a session blogging and academia, facilitated by Michael Watkins
i am finally here at BloggerCon II in Cambridge after a day of cross-country flight...

Dean Landsman
The Berkman Cener for Internet and Society at Harvard Law, since granting a Fellowship to Dave Winer...
Kudos to Dave Winer
BloggerCon II, Here I Come!

Amy Langfield
Notes on Blogging for Dollars
Business Blogging Models
Back from BloggerCon
frank at bloggercon
hi from bloggercon
SRO with Jeff Jarvis
like magic
david weinbergers magnetic personality
my view of henry's head at bloggercon
BloggerCon II

Julie Leung
What we've got in common
No longer disembodied
BloggerCon pictures: Sunday
Souvenirs: what I brought home from BloggerCon
My BloggerCon claim to fame
BloggerCon pictures: Saturday
"...if they said what they really felt...": John Perry Barlow
"Only... when Americans think it is important...": Blogging the World
"Human face on a very inhuman process": Presidential bloggers
"Breadcrumbs" & "babies": Visions from users
Safe, sound and sleepy

Tara Liloia
BloggerCon Session Photos
BloggerCon: Blogging as Business & Wrapup
BloggerCon: Shirky's Power Law
BloggerCon: Durgin Park Dinner
BloggerCon: Welcome & Visions from Users

Chris Lott
BloggerCon: Blogging as a Business
BloggerCon: Power Law and Academia

Tristan Louis
Thoughts before BloggerCon 2 - Blogs and Journalism
Back from BloggerCon 2

Jevon MacDonald
Bloggercon 2.0 - Done

Rebecca MacKinnon
Jeff Jarvis: making money with blogs
My session: now on the blackboard
Dan Gillmor's sesison on presidential blogs
Jay Rosen's B-con session

Jay McCarthy
What is Journalism?
On journalists being better...
Terry Heaton asks...
Mary Hodder points out...

Jim Moore
BloggerCon II review
Personal Television Networks

Shannon Okey
Hello from Bloggercon II...

Ryan Overbey
Religion Blogging Session at BloggerCon 2

John Palfrey
Post-BloggerCon II
Happy BloggerCon II!

Frank Paynter
Lunch with Dean and Jim
Mad Dog Suitt
missing meeja blues...
Art for the sake of Accordion Music
You see the nicest people...

Daisy Pignetti
Before discussing the sessions...
Blogger Con -- Finally A Conference that Surpassed My Expectations!

Christina Pikas
BloggerConII: Librarianesque Session with Jessica Baumgart
Notes and thoughts from BloggerConII: Journalism with Jay Rosen
Notes and thoughts from BloggerConII: Opening Ceremonies

Ralph Poole
Channel 9: The two Microsoft guys who came to Bloggercon
After Bloggercon, I am wondering what an Iron Blogger competition would look like.
I met the very famous video blogger Steve Garfield at a Bloggercon dinner tonight
"Hyper-Commenting" at Bloggercon
The lyrics of three candidate songs that did not open Bloggercon this morning

Lenn Pryor
Learnings from BloggerCon II
Presidental Blogging Session - Dan Gillmor
Presidental Blogging Session - Dan Gillmor
Moblogging BloggerCon
Live from BloggerCon

Will Richardson
A New Literacy?
What is Journalism?

Jim Roberts
And The Band Played On
BloggerCon II Fini
BloggerCon II Continued
Visions From Users
BloggerCon II Day All
BloggerCon II Dinner

Jay Rosen
Brain Food for BloggerCon: Journalism and Weblogging in Their Corrected Fullness

Shimon Rura

Robert Scoble
Channel9 gets credit at BloggerCon

Steve Silver
BloggerCon Roundup

Bryan Strawser
BloggerCon Photos
Jeff Jarvis: Blogging as a Business
The Fat Man Sings
The Emotional Life of Weblogs, Part IV
The Emotional Life of Weblogs, Part III
The Emotional Life of Weblogs, Part II
BloggerCon Photos from Sooz
John Perry Barlow: "The Emotional Life of Weblogs"
Personal TV Networks, Part 2
Personal TV Networks, Part I
Presidential Bloggers, Part III
BloggerCon Posts at Feedster
More on Presidential Bloggers
Dan Gillmor: Presidential Bloggers
Presidential Bloggers Outline
Presidential Bloggers
Lisa Williams: Visions from Users
BloggerCon Kickoff

Halley Suitt
BloggerCon: Jim Moore
BloggerCon: Jay Rosen
BloggerCon: Frank Paynter
BloggerCon: Renee Blodgett
BloggerCon: Treo Nation
BloggerCon: Dan Gillmor
BloggerCon: Britt Blaser
BloggerCon Betsy Devine
BloggerCon: Werner Vogels
BloggerCon: Mary Hodder
BloggerCon: Jeff Jarvis

Werner Vogels
BloggerCon II Photos
No Shows
Images from Bloggercon II

Stephen Waters
BloggerCon II Journalism Session
BloggerCon II Presidential Bloggers Session
BloggerCon II Blogging in Academia

Steven Weiss
On blogging and religion
Blog your rabbi, an idea from BloggerCon
Esotericism and blogging, a response to Jay Rosen

Lisa Williams
Corrections Dep't.
Creating a Continuing Bloggercon Community
Blogging Tip Session
Can you say what you want on your blog?
How long will it take for blogging to become common among businesses? Let's do the math.
Blogging in Business

Dave Winer
Wired News report on BloggerCon.
I found out yesterday at John Perry Barlow's...
Thanks to all the discussion leaders at BloggerCon II. The sessions were lively, interesting, kept me...
I'm in Jay Rosen's session on What is Journalism? Rebecca is blogging the session.

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